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Another workshop of the professional Photoshop world as a Destiny of an Image from Start to Finish was held on Friday in Enghelab conference hall, despite snowy weather.This workshop on photo walk, with the participation of photographers and users concenticated on aspects of a photo from the beginning right to the end . Aspects like editing and photomontage in certain conditions in different formats. This workshop started at 9:00 AM with the participation of 40 people and lectured by Mr. Ali Rajabi. During the first part, Ali Rajabi spoke about attitudes with regards to photography and the fate of a photo.
After which camera adjustments as far as best forms of photography and standards were dealt with. 


A 15min break was given at the end of the first part


Second part: In this section, Ali Rajabi gave instructions on benefits and shortcomings of different formats and revised color space and color depth and talked about the differences between 8bit & 16 bit files- in order to put everyone into the picture, he chose to highlight the differences visually.


In this section participants learnt about the professional fundamentals in editing of a photo.
A lunch break was given in a snowy weather.
Third part: In this part Ali Rajabi taught techniques on editing of a photograph from the point of view of color and light, photomontage techniques and the details on a correct & precise professional edition.


.At the end of the third part, selected photo walk photos  were analyzed and questions raised were answered by the instructor



Praises were handed out to those elected and everybody paused for a photo. The workshop ended at 15:30.



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