Teaching | Processing of Light&Color in photography

Another series of training workshops of professional world with Photoshop titled as “Processing of Light and Color in photography” was held on Friday with the participation of 200 people at Tuba cultural center in Bandar Abbas.This workshop was successfully presented by Ali Rajabi, as an instructor on Photoshop and Lightroom in collaboration with Atrin Training Center and photographer’s society of Hormozgan.



Mr. Hesam Ansarian Director of the society of photographers in Hormozgan and the executive director of the workshop, welcomed all the guests.



At the beginning we saw a short film by Scott Kelby and presented by Mr. Ali Rajabi and Atrin training center was played in the presence of Atrin technical team.Which was applauded by the participants. Following this, a training video on the issue of differences related to 8 bit & 16 bit files, was played and the users got familiar with the virtual teaching methods concerned. Then Ali Rajabi started his instruction on histogram. 



Afterwards he continued with the teachings on RAW files, on how one could use Camera raw commands, which was highly appreciated by the people present.



A break was given to everyone.



At this point, Atrin technical team prepared the second part.



The second part started at 11:30 in this video participants witnessed different stages of correction of light & color in a photo using adjustment commands in Photoshop.



During the second part, Ali Rajabi , dealt with adjustments, the power of layer mask, and the teachirg of shadows & highlights in the form of a Smart Layer.



in the this part, the animation was played. These clips were played based on highly. Effective structures, accompaniep by exclusively selected music.



Revision on the Photoshop filters & their training was one of the key points at the end. Filters which help photographers.



Evaluation sheets were collcted and Ali Rajabi answered all questions.



Prizes were handed out to participant.





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