Teaching | Portrait Retouching in Cs6

Amongst a series of professional photoshop world, another workshop under the title of Modern Technics of Portrait retouching in CS6 was held on Friday in the Conference hall at Enghelab Club. This Training workshop the same as other workshops at Atrin Training Center started  punctually st 9:00am with the presence of 35 people by Ali Rajabi as the instructor.

First part: Analysis of different command structures in Portrait Retouching
This Training Workshop began by working on the effects of External Flashes on photographing of a portrait and the introduction of hardwares which enable a photographer to reach a superior portrait.


Different samples which had been photographed with different lights were analyzed in order to make the participants understand portrait photography by flash better.



Some tests were done with External Flash at the end of this part.

A 15-minute rest was given at the end of part one for breakfast.

Second Part: Astonishing world of Portrait Editing.
In this part the editing and Retouching of several sample portraits was revised bit by bit, meaning retouching the color and the light of a face and softening methods of skin by maintaing skin texture by showing it as natural as possible.



The editing of the eye, lips and hair was dealt with. Some of the most important tools that were discussed were tools like Dodge and Burn together with their combination with Filters.



At the end of the second hour, There was time for students to have lunch.

Third Part: A special glance on separation of the subject and hair with photomontage.

Refine edge command was taught at the end of the last part. Capabilities of this command for the separation of the subject was discussed.



After that professional photomontages and their technics, which help a photographer and a designer to create visual effects and use them in combining the photos, was reviewed and Portrait Professional was also introduced.




Finally Ali Rajabi replied to all questions raised by the participants. A photo was taken with all the participants and and this Training workshop concluded at 15:15.




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