Teaching | Photoshop and Creativity

In addition to the collection of workshops at Atrin, another workshop called photoshop and creativity will be held.


At the beginning of this singular workshop and during the first part, Ali Rajabi created an astonishing atmosphere amongst participants by showing surprising photos of actual photomontages and formulated the question of how such photos had been created, started the teaching session.


Once photos shown had been analysed and discussed, Ali Rajabi asked students to pay attention to a film which showed how those photos had been produced.

Following this part which was presented totally theoretically, Participants sought a response to the question instructor had formulated. Through a highly useful discussion with Ali Rajabi and participants this part concluded at 10:30 and everybody was invited to the the hall for a snack.


Parts two and three of this workshop had a considerable difference with previous ones, since these two parts were inter-related. Considering these two parts were presented in an absolutely scientific way, Ali Rajabi started the lecture with a photomontage, which taught students how to program a project by using the simplest tools as far as the most complicated commands.


Second part was carried out in the same way till lunch time, when all participants and the organizers took a break. After which, Ali Rajabi continued the subject in details and numerated all procedures one by one.


at the end of this workshop Mr rajabi answered all questions raised by students and took a photo which would turn another page in the history of Atrin.


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