Teaching | Advanced Techniques of Portrait Retouching

The second workshop series of Atrin Training Center called Advanced Techniques of Portrait Retouching was held on Feb, 2011while 300 people attended the grand hall and modern art of Soureh in Tehran.


This workshop succeeded by Ali Rajabi, Instructor of Photoshop and Lightroom softwares was submitted in a totally different fashion comparing with the last seminar.The program included three main sections and started right on time at 9:30 am companying with incredibly flawless formalities.

Respecting the Iranian national ...., Masoud Hejazi Mehr (The Host) notified some basic information about the workshop after welcoming the audience. Amongst them , Some masters such as Esmaeil Abbasi,William Harotounian and Mehrdad Asgari attended the seminar as VIP guests.


By 9:45, Ali Rajabi started the first section of the program which implied analyzing the tools and menus and identified the objectives of Atrin's Training Center in terms of overcoming problems of Photography&Graphic community. He then elaborated the aim for holding this workshop series is to Instruct advanced techniques of Photoshop software and how to make up flaws of photos through using these software.


The section ended up with an 11o’clock break when the audience and guests were led to the dining hall.

Meanwhile, the technical team as well as the executive guys were preparing for then section.


The second session was entirely devoted to world of Portrait Retouching and such topics as skin retouching in Photoshop and the pragmatic techniques for skin editing were introduced.




Advanced methods of eye correction were also discussed in this session. How to beautify and retouch teeth and hair was also taught briefly meanwhile .


Finalizing this session, the guests and participants were welcomed to the dining salon again at 13:15 in order to have a lunch break.



At the same time Atrin's technical team was preparing the stage for a live photography section.



The third and final session of "Advanced Techniques of Portrait Retouching" had a different start which was unique in it's own way inside the country. First, a prepared animated video clip was shown in which the stages of seperating & Extracting on Green screen image was projected in an animated format and then Lights were put on the stage in order for the Instructor to teach photography and the impact of Make-up on shortening the portrait retouching procedure. In this particular part of Instruction, Hamid Javid (Make-up artist) and Farhad Rad (Model) had a great contribution to the effectiveness of Ali's Instruction.

At the beginning, Ali made clear the relationship of Modeling & Professional Photography. Next, Hamid Javid continued the speech as he started to make up & prepare the model for the photography.




Ali started shooting some shots and at the same time the photos were projected on the screen. Next, the photos were compared before and after make-up.In the middle of the session the Instructor introduced "Portrait Professional" as a simple software for editing any portrait and "Mask Pro" as a software to extract color & hair from the background.

The next thing was to collect questionnaires as well as questions the audience faced with meanwhile the instruction around 15:00.The final part of the instruction was to answer the questions and clarify points at 15:30.

In the final section of the program, some of the participants were given gifts by random. The first 2 gifts (Lightroom3 by Scott Kelby ) were announced and given to the winners by Ali Rajabi. Ali said that, these books are gifts from Scott for Iranian photographers and Photoshop users.


Also, 10 printers were given to other randomly selected participants by Mr Fotovatkhah, representative of My HP Co. Esmaeil Abbasi ,William Haroutunian and Mehrdad Asgari.





Administrative team of Atrin Training Center from left to right are as following:
Hadis Neisari, Shohreh Afsharian(STAFF), Ali Rajabi( Instructor and Atrin’s President ), Amir Khalili( Photographer), Mehdi eskandari (Technical support ), Ahmad Alizadeh (Art Director and Graphic Designer), Hamed Soleimani (Technical Support), Farid Naslpak (Executive Director), Dena Rahimpour, Zeinab Jafari and Sara Fathalipour ( STAFF )



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