Teaching | Advanced Techniques of Light&Color Correction

The first workshop from the series of Professional Connection to Adobe Photoshop in terms of Advanced Techniques of Light & Color correction was hold on August 6, 2010 in Soureh convention Hall of Tehran with 428 attendees. This achievement was a close cooperation of Nournegar company and Payamavaran studio. Ali Rajabi, Instructor of Photoshop and Lightroom ran the whole session. The package included a registration card, An 18 page handout, A brochure of workshop schedule, Content of instruction and a license for attendees.

Modern Techniques of Light & Color correction

The opening ceremony started with speech of the managing director of workshop (Farhad Soltani) and announcement of the schedule. Then, Dr. Akbar Alemi (University Professor and researcher) gave a short speech.

Many of significant masters of photography and Graphic Design were invited as VIP guests. Dr, Akbar Alemi was one of them.

The first animation flash was projected (shown) by technical team at 8:35 and was welcomed by the attendees. Ali started his first instruction in terms of Analysis and Strategic view to Light and Color. 428 attendees were curiously waiting for his instruction.

The attendees were invited to have a short break and then turned back to the convention salon at 10:00am. Meanwhile the technical team were preparing themselves for the second session. The second session started with projecting a photo of the opening ceremony and all its editing procedure was animated live by the technical team.

Mohammad Foroughi (Vise president of Nournegar co) and Farhad Soltani (managing director) were controlling the situation and checking if any further thing was required to be done at the moment.

Ali started his second session of instruction on "Real world of Editing". The technical group companied the instructor during the session to show related images.

There was a second break at 11:30. Attendees were led to dining hall and served a quick lunch. Process based on Experience was the third of instruction that started right at the 12:00 but before that Doctor Alemi once more had a sweet speech to the audiences. Also, the third related animation was shown on the screen. The clips were all visualized by powerful structures and companied with meaningful music.

At the end of the third instruction session, 20 minutes were devoted to questions.

After questions were elaborated by the instructor, Dr. Alemi appreciated Ali's performance and valued his powerful quality of instruction. He also applauded Farhad Soltani and Mohammad Foroughi .



After 3 Sections of the workshop were finalized, The Sponsor (Nournegar co.) gave some gifts and prizes to 22 attendees randomly. 2 attendees won 2 compact cameras as special prizes of the convention.

Some of the attendees were taken a memorable Photo.

Members of Technical team, From the Left :
Amid Rajabi (3D Specialist), Mehdi Eskandari (Photoshop Expert), Farid Naslpak(IT), Farhad Soltani(Managing director), Ahmad Alizadeh(Flash Animation),Ali Rajabi(Instructor and Producer of Workshop), Ali Tabatabaei(Web Designer), Amir Khalili(Photographer)


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