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Ali Rajabi
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Ali Rajabi
Hasselblad Master,
Photographer, Photoshop Expert,
Founder at Atrin , Atrin is an online training center for Photographers, Photoshop and Lightroom users.
Ali is the instructor of many photography seminars and Curriculum Developer of many online courses.
Exploring The City With Hasselblad X1D

Every person who is close to me, They know that I am a photographer who believe in combination of tools and ideas. When you know more about the tools, it can help you to expand your projects and will reveal the creativity that is inside you. When Hasselblad asked me to do a shoot with their new camera, Hasselblad X1D ( It is not yet fully developed ), I was delighted to have this opportunity to work with a brand new mirrorless medium format camera that a few people in the world had a chance to test it. It was a 3 days project and they asked me to take some shots in the streets of New York based on the theme,"Freedom". Although I had a very short period of time to work with X1D but I did my best to explore the features. Honestly, I don't want to have a deep dive into technical sides and compare it with other brands, You can find very useful articles about the technical features on the internet but I am going to share my photos, impressions and experiences as a photographer and trust me you can not ran from the technical side, Never. So lets start with some Q&A and after that lets see some pictures with behnid the scenes.




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Hasselblad Masters 2016

I am super honored to say that Hasselblad introduced me as one of the Hasselblad Masters 2016 competition in Urban/Street Category.


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After 2 years I am going to write again .... 

Lots of thing happened to me to stop me about writing. 

Anyway, I am back ....


How Instagram had an Impact on my Photography
Perhaps few people think that Smart phones can enter to the world of photography like this and had an impact in everyday life of photographers or even the ordinary people.
In presence of Smart phones and lots of Applications, Everyday we see a growing number of poeple who wants to take photogaphs with their cell phones.
Today, I am gonna mention that how Instagram had an impcat on my photography.
The point is, Usage of Instagram Application is important for taking photos not your cell phones or processing photos in the other applications. 
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Be Creative, Anywhere, Anytime
Even if you have a Sport store, Creativity can be your golden key to Sales more and force the people on the street to look at it.
Like the photos below, The owner of the store put a lady athlete behind the window and trying to draw people's attention. 
No matter what job you are in or to do, It is important that use your creativity for further projects.
In my opinion you can obtain creativity, expand and evolve it.
Seeing, Hearing, Reading and most importantly Repeat, Repeat and Repaet can bring out the subject fo your subconscious and be a good reason for 
you evolution.
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