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Every person who is close to me, They know that I am a photographer who believe in combination of tools and ideas. When you know more about the tools, it can help you to expand your projects and will reveal the creativity that is inside you. When Hasselblad asked me to do a shoot with their new camera, Hasselblad X1D ( It is not yet fully developed ) , I was delighted to have this opportunity to work with a brand new mirrorless medium format camera that a few people in the world had a chance to test it. It was a 3 days project and they asked me to take some shots in the streets of New York based on the theme,"Freedom". Although I had a very short period of time to work with X1D but I did my best to explore the features. Honestly, I don't want to have a deep dive into technical sides and compare it with other brands, You can find very usefull articles about the technical features on the internet but I am going to share my photos, impressions and experiences as a photographer and trust me you can not ran from the technical side, Never. So lets start with some Q&A and after that lets see some pictures with behnid the scenes.


I really liked the shades of light and working with colors, specially when I edited them in Camera Raw.


1- Is X1D really a Game Changer ?

If I want to answer this question, we need to know more about the definition of the word "Game Changer". Game changer is a person or is a thing that will help you in a moment that no one can. They do magic in an appropriate time. So, I think Hasselblad X1D is a game changer between the cameras that produce high quality images. It is handy, light weitght and With it's mirrorless feature it capture the exact moment of your scene, It keeps you in the dark in the situations that you dont want to have the attention of your subjects, Specially in the streets when you are taking picture of people. Imagine that you have a 50 MegaPixel sensor that is a mirrorless medium format and will produce a photo with 14 stops of dynamic range. It rocks.


I took this shot at Bryant Park, There were lots of people who didn't feel that I am taking their pictures. Anyway, I showed them the final Image.


2- Is it a camera for Professionals or Everybody ?

If I want to be honest, even if you have a budget to buy this camera, It is not a camera for everybody, Although I believe Hasselblad expanded their audiences from the moment that they announced the X1D and it was one of the positive feedback that I felt. Specially my friends who work documantary. It is a camera for a person who knows and wants to do a specific project. I can imagine this camera in the hands of Fine Arts, Landscape, Fashion, Portraits, Streets and Wedding photographers. What I am saying is you should be a person who is completely aware of your skills and abilities as a photographer or as an artist. It is not that kind of cameras that you pick it up and shoots as much as you can. Like tegh tegh tegh tegh....


I was standing in the middle of 6th Ave, Manhattan with my tripod to capture the pedestrians.


3- Is it worth to pay $9000 to buy this camera ? 

This is a question that everybody ask, I know there are lots of different aspects to answer this question but I want to keep it simple and answer it very short even if you have your own reasons to reject mine. When you want to go to the Next level of your career you need to pay for it and invest on it. It can be invest on education, tools or moving to a different place. But the most important question is, Is it the right moment for you to move to the NEXT LEVEL ? This is the question that you need to answer it to yourself based on the situation that you are. When you find out, I am sure you will decide what is best for you.


Everything in this world can be Freedom for everybody. It depends that how do you define it.


4- Can you share some of your experiences about the Specs of X1D?

As a photographer I want to have a camera that fits in my hand perfectly and X1D is a well designed camera for this. It is very handy and portable. The sensor that is located in viewfinder is very useful for switching between the LCD and viewfinder. The camera startup is some kind of slow right now but the people in Hasselblad told me, they will upgrade the firmware for this issue. The touch functionality on display is very fast, user friendly and the quality of LCD is perfect compare to previous Hasselblad products except the H6D. You only have one focus point and it works based on the contrast detection. There is no True Focus system on it. The XCD lenses with integral lens shutter are 30mm, 45mm and 90mm with the speed of 60 minutes to 1/2000, but you will be able to use an adapter for using the H system lenses. I can not talk about the battery life because it was a prototype camera. I really liked the way of changing White Balance and ISO on viewfinder. One of my main concerns was using the high ISO in low light situations and when I compare it one on one with my Canon 5D Mark III it surprised me with the result. As you can see in the photo below in their 1:1 compare, The color and the quality on X1D is much more better than Canon 5D Mark III, you can see the details in the shadows and the Disney text are clear. It should be. 


ISO: 6400 , Focal Length: 36mm, F:8, 1/100, ( X1D Left ), ( 5D Mark III,Right )


Even at the Low ISO:100, X1D Produces More Accurate Light and Color With Clear Details. Pay attention to the Sparkle on the R&A Letter.


Please ask any question in the comments sections. Anyway, these are just the result of my 3 days experiences with prototype X1D. I am pretty sure Hasselblad will resolve every issue in the final release. The only thing that I can emphasize is, You need to work hard to achieve the goals that you want in the world of photography and art. Tools are always necessary and you can not ignore this fact but what is more important than the tools is the person who is using them. Be Creative, Be Hard Worker and always update your knowledge in every aspect of your life.


Took this shot at Times Square.

Photos below are some behind the scenes when I was shooting on the streets, Special thanks to Maryam Moradi who captured them.





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Tom  | Thursday, July 14, 2016
I like the way you work with low light! Not knowing shutter speed and aperture you use on some of these beautiful dark shots, I would like to know where or better when you need a tripod with the X1D as it is light weight? So far I have had much better results with SLR and DSLR Cameras than with viewfinder cameras - I can see from edge to edge what will be in the frame, what it will look like as far as lighting is concerned prior to release.
I can see great advantages for my work using the X1D but still I am reluctant to order one! Maybe I have to put my hands on it to like or dislike it!

Thanks for your thoughts on reasons to buy or not to....
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